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How to Easily Secure Your own Property in Lagos During Recession

It is no longer news that Nigeria is in recession and based on facts made available by economic experts, the nation may have to wrestle with the problem for the next three years, as three years has been adjudged the average lifespan of a recession — if well managed. The period of recession has also been ticked as one of the best periods for any investor or would-be land owner to invest in landed properties, either for future business or personal use. Real estate appears to be the only investment that cannot depreciate irrespective of the prevailing economic crisis.

The major problem in securing property in any part of the world is the cost. In order to militate against this problem, Eko Apartment has made provisions for various instalment packages, which buyers can key into and by so doing spreading payment for a reasonable period of time.

Coupled with the installmental payment advantage is mortgage scheme (which Eko Apartment will be rolling out very soon). Just to cushion the financial burden on whoever chooses to secure property through our platform, we are presently working to partner with mortgage houses for best mortgage plan that will not leave a hole in customers pockets. This in turn will give both the lower and middle income class the opportunity of securing personal properties using short to long term repayment plans.

Another concern attached to land is the fear of falling into the wrong hands, especially land grabbers – fraudulent “omo oniles” masquerading as genuine real estate agents. Some “omo oniles” land grabbers, according to information gathered, even go as far as selling other plots of land that should never have been sold such as government land, community land, as well as plots that have been clandestinely marked as gas pipeline zones, among others.

However, all thanks to the Lagos state Government for introducing anti land grabbing law. At Eko Apartment, we deal only with corporate and reputable real estate Organizations and Agents while our team of experienced legal professionals provides free legal advice on the status of property, whether or not it is free from encumbrances. In other words we conduct our search with due diligence.

Land transactions require a lot of care and caution, not just during a period of recession like we are in now, but always. All land transactions should be done with certified professionals only, and we offer the best professional services in property business.
According to experts there is no better time to invest in property than now and we are all out to make property business easy for both the seller and buyer irrespective of class.

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